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Now that the world is opening up after a global pandemic, it’s time to kick your comfort zone to the curb and explore all of the wonderful places this world has to offer. 

So what influences you when you decide to take a trip? It used to be we would look in the newspaper for decent flight prices or pick up a slick magazine or brochure and explore the colorful pages of exotic and faraway places. Nowadays, even if you speak about it to someone, an ad pops up on your phone. You can watch videos of the places you want to go, tune into travel channels and watch documentaries of amazing places by just clicking away on your laptop. Travel agents are also en vogue! Many times the perks, insights and offers they can package for travel make them the best and most stress-free option to design your travel.

The world of travel has evolved over the years, many people are trading their luxury trips to faraway places to renting space in the country. Glamping in barn houses complete with cows and chickens, renting canopies in rainforests or teepees and treehouses, it’s all about experiential getaways nowadays. Have you ever stayed in a yurt?

Gone are the “staycations”, we’ve done plenty of that over the last year, we want adventure! And so what if you have to work to pay for the vacation, you can pretty much get a wi-fi connection or a hot spot anywhere in the world… unless you are trying to get away from that and there are plenty of places to do that as well.

A few other key trends that have moved onto the landscape, the tiny house craze, 400 square feet and a home on wheels, just pick up and go whenever you want. Statistics also show many people are renting and buying RVs and traveling on the highways and byways, a home away from home, or just your new digs. There has never been a better time to be mobile and move about the cabin.

Travel industry experts say the future of travel is all about adventure, unforgettable experiences and forever memories. They predict we will be checking ourselves in at the hotel with our iPads, not needing a room key but the touch pad will recognize our fingerprints and hotel robots delivering our room service.

One thing is for sure, there are a million ways to travel and see this great world of ours and thinking out of the box, or throwing the box away all together, is definitely the way of the future


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