Our Breed

Renowned for its impressive balance of speed, strength and grace, the thoroughbred is the most respected and desired breed of horse. You’ll find the same qualities and commitment to excellence at Thoroughbred Design Group. Your product, your service and your company are the lifeblood for success. Great care is given to your brand and the message it sends to the world. We charge hard out of the gate for your business, while guiding you efficiently and creatively to the winner’s circle. Partnering with Thoroughbred Design Group will be your best bet yet!


Every opportunity needs a custom solution. At Thoroughbred Design Group, we provide our clients the proper guidance to position them for the win! Our services span from brand development to project management and have been refined to handle any challenge presented to us. We are here to make your marketing efforts rise above the rest. Count on Thoroughbred Design Group – a breed of pure design!

Brand Development

Your brand needs to target the proper audience with a crafted message and image. TDG can help you hit the bullseye every time!

Communications Planning

Do your marketing efforts plan for the next best step? Sit down with TDG and define goals and expectations for year 1, 2 and beyond.

Corporate Identity

Creating your image is what TDG has been doing successfully for over 20 years. Set your company’s image above the others and create visual pride in your business.

Creative Brainstorming

Need help pushing a concept along? TDG can help guide you and take that indescribable thought and bring it to a tangible tool.

Digital Design

eNewsletters, banner ads, social media and info graphics can color your online presence. TDG has been helping many blue chip and small companies grow their following with sound design.

Graphic Design

Award-winning design at your service! TDG’s passion for creating great design shows in the concepts and care taken with all of the clients we serve.

Print Design

Whether your annual report needs foil stamp or your business card prints on a specialty paper, we have you covered. TDG’s knowledge and printer relationships will have your project completed on time, on budget and with complete satisfaction.

Project Management

Does your project have variables and confusing components? TDG is here to help you through the process. TDG will act as your unseen hands and make sure the process completes smoothly.


Need just 1 or 2 parts of a project produced for a special reason. TDG can create custom prototypes for almost every situation – surprise a boss with a custom cover design or make a small model of the spaceship from the Sci-fi thriller you are filming!

Web Design

Create your company or product site to share your brand with the world. TDG can design the ultimate site and make sure customers get a great user experience.

Peter Carpenter, Head Horse and Creative Director, brings 20+ years of experience to the stable. Along with his creative eye, he tends closely to the economic and timing demands of the company’s projects. In the end, producing an effective piece of communication that provides positive results. Continue your professional communication with Peter by connecting through LinkedIn.