It’s October and what a more fitting topic to discuss than beer!

Did you know?

  • Beer is one of the oldest drinks ever produced
  • The oldest known brewed beer was in Israel 13,000 years ago 
  • There was actually a job labeled, “Royal Chief Beer Inspector”, yes please!

Beer aficionados around the world cannot confirm exactly when beer was discovered, some say it was by accident when trying to make bread because as you know, the ingredients for both are very similar. 

But what we do know is it definitely didn’t taste like the stuff we get on tap or in the bottle today. Some believe the first brews were almost like a porridge consistency and was a rather delicious source of protein but when people figured out that barley and hops could help improve the process, agriculture was born.

Soon after civilization got up and running, beer was on the minds of many and was always being perfected. Sumarians received beer rations, Egyptians made it from barley, Babylonians made it from wheat and the Incas from corn. Over the years, harvesting and farming became more sophisticated and countries hopped on the bandwagon, touting having the best brew.

Over the centuries the once humble brew has been transformed into one of the most popular libations in history touting different blends and brews, ales and pilsners and lagers and stouts. Then early in the 1980’s, craft beer and home brewing kits came on the scene, transforming the beer scene. Now every city and county has a plethora of pubs catering to the sophisticated palettes of beer lovers everywhere.

So whether you are a Lager lover or a Stout sipper, beer is and always will be a part of life, no matter where in the world you live.

 Viva Oktoberfest!

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