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The design of hair is always evolving from braids and buns and bald is beautiful, the design of the modern hairstyle has a rich and stylish history.

Some experts believe the first form of hairstyle was braids and was recorded some 30,000 years ago. Back then they used brushes made of wood, bone or even bronze and women grew their hair very long using elaborate hairpins and dressings in their hair. On special occasions   fresh flowers and ribbons were weaved into the hair to show off the ladies beautiful locks. Some women even highlighted their hair with powdered gold as it was also believed that the more elegant and complex the hairdo, the more regal the woman.

During the renaissance period, it was easy to tell who was married and who was not based on their hairstyle. Younger women would wear their hair in a loose bun and curls whereas married women wore their hair in braids. And let’s not forget the guys who also liked to be stylish and popular as many of them wore wigs and curled their hair and beards as it was thought to be sexier than straight hair. 

And let’s just talk about the history of the barbershop for a moment here. Did you know that at one time, barbershops were also places where you could get rid of evil spirits? In ancient times, people believed that evil spirits entered your body through the hair and beard so you needed to go to a barber to get rid of your evil spirits. Also, at one time, barbers performed minor surgery which to this day, some believe is how President George Washington died, after visiting the barber.

Fast forward to the 1960’s when men and women began experimenting with different hair styles from dread locks, crew cuts, pixie cuts and who could forget the Farrah Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston hair style craze? Hollywood actresses have long been copied by millions of women trying to achieve the same look.

Today, there is no right way or wrong way to wear your hair, literally anything goes. Some women choose to show their solidarity with fellow cancer survivors who lost their hair so they choose to be bald. The hair care industry is a billion dollar business as products, wigs, and extensions are more popular than ever. Hair is and always has been a symbol of your identity and is a sign of self-expression. So go ahead and rock that bob or beehive or mohawk or mullet, it’s only hair, you can change it tomorrow if you don’t like it today.

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