The history of golf is as rich as it gets, dating back to ancient Rome where people played a game called “paganica” around 100 BCE (Before Common Era) and pushed around a stuffed leather ball with a stick. Later in 1261, the Dutch referred to it as “colf” in which 4 players, over several days, hit balls over a certain distance.  But many historians trace the prestigious game back to Scotland, where it was banned for a bit because King James II thought it was a distraction from archery practice. The ban was eventually lifted in 1500 and players were elated. Mary Queen of Scots even enjoyed the sport. When she was in France, the term “caddie” may have started as she referred to her French military aides as “cadets”.

Today, we have seen significant strides in how the game is played from technology to design and construction, the game of golf is now an $80 billion dollar business.

Arnie, Ben, Tiger and all the greats have paved the way for so many. The sport is now filled with many powerful and skilled women and young adults who will go down in the history books. Golf can be anyone’s game as long as you have patience and an unlimited amount of concentration.

Technology has also been a major “driver” for years as everyone is trying to find that perfect club ball combo that goes further and further every time. So many choices, wood, metal, aluminum, graphite and what about that little ball? What started out as players whacking pebbles into the sand has become a sophisticated “sphere of influence” as the design which was once stuffed with boiled goose feathers has turned into the coveted rubber core ball.

Lest we not forget the fantastic wardrobe and those gorgeous, beautifully-manicured courses such as Augusta National, Old Course at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach and so many more.

So if you’re thinking about taking up the sport, remember, it is you vs the course. It takes a tremendous amount of concentration and strategy and as your golf instructor mentions early on in your lessons, always be respectful of your fellow players and don’t forget to yell “fore!”


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