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There is no doubt about it, everyone has an opinion when it comes to hair. It’s what’s on our “design” mind this month! From kink to color and curls to bobs, there are no rules when it comes to the hairs on your head.

An incredible amount of rich history exists when it comes to hair design dating way back to the caveman era where women used sharp rocks to comb and cut their hair. Henna, a technique for naturally dyeing hair was started by the Egyptians back in 1500 B.C. The Greeks got in on the action around 500 B.C. when hair design became a highly developed art form. In fact, the word “Cosmetology” comes from the Greek word, “kosmetikos” meaning “skilled in the use of cosmetics.” In Rome, hairstyling was quite popular in 300 B.C. and hair color was a way to determine class. Upper-class women tinted their hair red, middle-class women colored their hair blonde and poor women colored it black.

A variation of “The Rachel” seems to still be popular today fashioned after actress Jennifer Aniston’s hair style in the TV series “Friends” as does a very recent trend called the “ombre” or “balayage” look that experiments with darker to lighter shades. 

Of course men jumped on the hair design bandwagon too! Back in 1660 when Charles II of England introduced male wigs to cover thinning hair which was quite popular for about 100 years. Over the course of time, styling facial hair into goatees, mustaches, Fu Manchus or sideburns helps to describe the personality or character of a man. The design options are endless.

Whatever your fancy, there is absolutely a color, cut and style for you. The next time you visit the salon or barbershop, think about the design that goes into creating that perfect hair style. Have fun with it and make a statement with your locks!

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