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Tattoo Design

It’s not your imagination, it seems everyone has a tattoo nowadays. Young, old and in between, age definitely has nothing to do it. Tribal, New School, Japanese and American Traditional are some of the many styles of tattooing. But what about the design of a tattoo? Placement, size, color – all these play a factor in tattoo design.

Designing tattoos has some early roots! Long thought of as a symbol of rebellion and deviant behavior, tattoos appeared very early in human history. Evidence shows that prehistoric people knew about and practiced tattooing as evidenced by 12,000 year old tools discovered in France, Portugal and Scandinavia. We also know that Germanic and Celtic tribes tattooed themselves and mummies found in ancient Egypt and Siberia dating from the end of the 2nd millennium BC were found to have body art. 

Placement is significant as tattoos in the Philippines were marks of rank and accomplishments and believed to have magical properties and those who have them on the soles of their feet, which is extremely painful, are said to be the bravest. But for today’s millennials, of which 40% are tatted, the pain and the permanency, doesn’t seem to matter.

Color and contrast have a big impact on the design. The design of a New School alien wouldn’t be as exciting if there wasn’t a toxic color to contrast against a heavy black. Sugar skulls or floral designs can really sing with the right color combinations, but sometimes a simple black and grey is the most beautiful. In 2019 however, the more popular tattoos include minimalist, fine lines and designs in simple black and grey, skulls, tribal designs, flowers and Maori tattoos which are often on the face.

According to Psychology Today, 38% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. Some say they do it because it’s fashionable, a creative outlet or a way to commemorate a person or a special event. Whatever the case, the body is definitely being used as a canvas to display personal artwork more than ever before. In all cases, design is the foundation for a great tattoo.  

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