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What was once hand painted with a brush and somewhat steady hand and took painstakingly long hours to complete, can now be done more quickly. We’re talking about the oldest form of mobile advertising called “car wrapping”.

It used to be that business owners who wanted to sell their wares, (back in the old days when there was no TV, internet or cell phones) they had to tell people the “old-fashioned” way, by hand or word of mouth. Early travelers in covered wagons (doctors, circus performers, fortune tellers) would hand paint words on their vehicles, letting people know what they were selling and why you should be interested. 

Gone are the hand-written signs on vehicles and in store fronts which have now been replaced with giant, full color wraps made mostly out of high quality, durable vinyl, perfected by chemist Waldo Sermon back in 1926. We see this messaging on the highways and byways all day long, an ambulance whizzing by, a truck on a construction site or even on a Nascar, car wraps are here to stay and are a popular way out of getting out your message. There is a good bit of rationale to consider it as part of your marketing budget too!  
   • It’s affordable compared with traditional advertising (billboards, radio, TV advertising)
   • You’re driving anyway, why not advertise while you’re doing it?
   • Your message could command up to 100,000 impressions a day

According to a 3M and American Trucking Association study, 91% of vehicle advertising’s target demographic noticed vehicle ads. Product Acceptance and Research study show that 80% of study respondents recall a specific vehicle advertisement. The 2011 3M Mobile Media Advertising Case Study (cited above) reported that 97% of study participants recalled an ad; 98% thought it created a positive advertiser image; and, 96% thought fleet vehicle advertising had greater impact than billboards.

So, if you’ve seen your competition tooling around in their colorful wrapped vehicle, now may be the time for you to get into the game and “Wrap it Up!”

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