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The hustle and bustle is in full swing. Christmas music on the radio, TV commercials and ads everywhere touting the latest and greatest gift and the Hallmark Channel is showing holiday movies ‘round the clock!  Christmas and Santa are almost here! And family traditions are being made! 

Whether it’s traveling to the local fish market to purchase goodies for the Italian Christmas Eve tradition called “Festival of the Seven Fishes” or the baking of the traditional Polish “wafer”, family traditions bring us all together to celebrate the joyful season.

But how does design play into all of this? From the shiny wrapping paper, to the twinkle lights, brightly colored ornaments and so much more, design is everywhere, just take a look around. 

From the red and white costume on “Scout the Elf on the Shelf” to the elaborate Nutcrackers we see this time of year, really the only rule is to make it bright, colorful and sparkly!

Another unique design is the Advent calendar, which has been around for centuries but seems to be gaining more popularity as it symbolizes spiritual reflection and hope. Many of them have unique shapes and sizes as each day represents a new intention and sometimes a special gift.

The outside of our humble abodes have also seen a design transformation as many lawns have become outdoor scenes lined with giant inflatable dinosaurs and cartoon characters and our homes and garages are now winter wonderland scenes shown through outside projectors that can also play music!

So as we all hopefully take some time to slow down and enjoy the season, don’t forget to snuggle up in your cozy pajamas, make a cup of hot cocoa and take some time for yourself and your families.Happy Holidays!

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