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While we at TDG often think of design mostly as colors, pixels, textures, and fonts, we know that a well orchestrated design can come in many forms. As we enter the season of tailgates, holiday galas, and costume parties, we appreciate the art that comes with hosting an event. 

Breaking down the elements of what makes a stellar event, we see that the bricks are made up of several dynamic elements. First is the theme. Is this a Halloween party with bubbling cauldrons, blood red cocktails, and creative ways of dressing up? Or perhaps a warm, Thanksgiving potluck with dishes from several kitchens wafting aromas of cinnamon and gravy throughout a bustling house? Identifying the key element of what brings a group together is the first step in being the host with the most to set the ground work for real creativity.

Adding your own flair is where an event designer can really take a party up a notch. Decor, food, and vibe curation are all important components to building a fun atmosphere. This could be as simple as a themed playlist to lift the spirits of party-goers or engaging games like cornhole, kickball, or white elephant. Creating an event that engages people from start to finish is an exciting challenge for any event-artist to take on. 

Perhaps the most important feature of any top-notch event are the people in attendance. Whether it be for friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers, ensuring that your guest list is filled with people you love is crucial to having a fun event. People who bring each other joy, great conversation, and revelry to the same place, spending quality time together is what makes an event successful. 

This time of year allows us to slow down, come together, and enjoy time and festivity with each other. Designing an event around this feeling of community and togetherness is what makes the fall and winter so special to so many of us. The artistry of party planning, while comprised of many small components that need to be considered, really is determined about spending time with those we appreciate. 

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