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What a year it has been! As we wind down the days left of 2023, it’s common to take stock of all that we’ve accomplished in the last 365 days and setting your sites for a strong start to the new year starts with reflection. 

Look back on the decisions you made and actions you took this year. What was successful? What could have used some work? What habits did you fall into that served your purpose or worked against you? Journaling, open discussion with team members, and mediative reflection all support this look back into your year and how to build something better moving forward. 

It’s just as important to look forward as it is to look backward. At TDG, we like to create vision boards to create a real picture of what we’re looking to build upon for our next year. This can be physical by cutting out photos from magazines, books, or printed photos. It can also be digital. Some people use tools like Pinterest, Canva, and Powerpoint to stack together images of textures, colors, events, mantras, and more. Putting this board in a place of importance like your laptop screensaver, a company break room, or on the door as you enter/exit every day can be an inspiring tool to boost your excitement for the new year. 

TDG did this as we entered into 2023, focusing on honing a vision for what our 25th anniversary celebrations would look like. We templated photos of gold and purple, racing thoroughbreds through the years, logos from past clients and new ventures, balloons to indicate celebration. This vision has been reflected in each social post, newsletter, and work event we’ve collaborate on throughout the year. It has helped sharpen our brand identity both internally and externally and promote a sense of excitement for each new venture we take on. 

Before we start an exciting chapter of 2024, we’d like to thank you for taking this year to celebrate with us. It’s been an amazing 25 years of creating, designing, and honing your vision and making it a reality. Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you plenty of joy and happiness. 

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