Designing a Great Relationship

Thoroughbred Design Group is the perfect creative agency for your company. We charge hard out of the gate for your business, while guiding you efficiently and creatively through your marketing efforts and graphic design needs.  “Down-the-stretch,” share your cocktail napkin concepts and watch as they develop into powerful communication tools.


Working Together to Share Your Message

A lightbulb turns on in your head, but what’s next? Thoroughbred Design Group harnesses that energy and makes it glow brighter! Advertisements, brochures or any visual communication project will come to life through our brainstorming sessions and creative process. As we place the final touches you can be assured the message is clear and your marketing tool functions in a positive manner.

You have great ideas! Thoroughbred Design Group has great ideas! Together we can form the best opportunity to promote your brand, service or creation!

A History of Winning

Like a Grand Champion, Thoroughbred Design Group has a history of being the best. Our collection of national design awards supports this fact.  Since 1998, we have endured and grown. Clients such as Verizon Wireless, UPS, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and Community Living Services have enjoyed the service and great design on all their projects. Take a look at our creative and see for yourself.


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